Oklahoma Contractors License #3143


Building Electrical Systems, Inc.

We, at BESCO, have pride in the knowledge and abilities of our electrical crew. Our crew members produce top quality work each and every day and continually strive for excellent service, safe work practices and reliability to insure long-term relationships with our customers. Quality is the keystone in which Building Electrical Systems, Inc. (BESCO) was built, and it has not changed in all these years – and it will never change. We truly believe if we allowed the quality of our electrical installations to drop, our phone would stop ringing.

We also believe that top quality electrical installations do not necessarily have to be more expensive. We have found over the years that if an electrician regularly produces a quality product and is proud of what his labor has produced his productivity is equal to or better than the norm. I can tell you that before any electrician receives a job offer at BESCO he or she must first understand how serious we are about quality and agree to assist us in maintaining our normal standards.

Thank you for letting us serve you.

Jim Mullings
Building Electrical Systems, Inc. (BESCO)